Richard's services are available on a time basis or for a fixed fee [for an agreed scope of work] and cover:

  • Matters of Contract (Advice, Claims, Negotiation, etc) relating to Construction, Engineering, and Building contracts and projects for clients, design team members, contractors and subcontractors;
  • Construction Engineering Management Document Control [CEMDC];
  • ISO 9001 - from Advice through generation of documentation to implementation, and assisting with obtaining third party accreditation.

In support of the above activities, Richard has also acquired the following skills:

  • Accounting Software (e.g. with Pegasus Capital Gold accounting software).┬áServices include:
    • Ledger design, and setting to work,
    • Preparation of Business Plans with predicted accounts,
    • Development of CashFlow management and other tools,
    • Setting up of marketing and related CRM systems;
  • Software Development using CA-Visual Objects - a powerful 32bit Rapid Application Development Tool;
  • Development of Web Sites using Joomla and Web Services using HTML, Java script, and PHP for server side processing.

For a no obligation discussion, please get in touch.