Richard is a degree qualified Chartered Engineer, with a wide variety of experience in the construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries acquired whilst holding a range of positions. As a one time Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators he is of the firm opinion that most claims situations can be satisfactorily resolved by the principals involved as long as they have expert assistance in the analysis and presentation of the "facts".


Richard has had exposure in the engineering, electrical, electronic, manufacturing, construction, and marine industries. He has represented (pursuing or defending) firms operating as contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers, or consultants including architects and quantity surveyors against clients, contractors, and consultants. His skills include:

  • Particular familiarity with the problems emanating from changes in, or faulty, design, and changes forced in the execution of work.
  • Demonstrating disruption from limited amounts of information. (Wholly different to illustrating the right to extensions of time).

His other skills in using computers include:

  • The extraction of data from computer based accounting systems including purchasing, job costing, & document control systems incluidng portals, CEMDC systems, as well as spreadshseets etc.
  • The gathering and organisation of of data in a structured fashion to allow for example an analysis of plant & labour performance, etc, and in the clear concise presentation of this information in a manner to demonstrate the point required - typically graphically.