Some Clients who Richard has assisted as a Consultant

Cementation (Faslane) - Managed Piling claim - including direction and briefing of MP's to place the heat on Client to settle. [Advice document available]. £120m

Annan Bypass - analysed and prepared claim for main contractor [Document available]. £2.37m

Glasgow Concert Hall - managed electrical claim for James Scott - £204k

Scott Lithgow (Trafalagar House) - worked on £400m Misrepresentation Claim against British Shipbuilders. Briefed Humphrey Lloyd QC directly - resulting in claim being withdrawn on small settlement of £20m (it was a misunderstanding of shipyard terminology by a bridge builder) .

Rhu Marina - prepared claim against Designers. Successfully prosecuted in Edinburgh. (£700k)

Slant Drill Rigs - prepared claims for designer against main contractor against British Gas. Acted for designer against main contractor, negotiated a cease fire and during that period acted for main contractor (paid for by designer) against BG. [BOTH Documents available]. (£24m)

Rough Storage Project - British Gas - Contract renegotiation (final value £65m) with four main contractors due to design changes.

Sathask Driam - Contract Claims in Nairobi & Phillipines for pipe supply and lay contracts due to delay in provision of advance payments, design changes, and supply of free issue materials. $US10m.Briefed Humphrey Lloyd QC directly.

Mombasa Coastal water Supply Scheme - Contract Claim ($US 15m) due to changes in design, and unexpected ground conditions.

Whilst Richard was an employee

Lithgow Electrical Group - Switchgear and Contracting. General claims and contract management, including final payment (£0.6m) from client via main contractor who was in liquidation.

Aughinish Alumina Bauxite Reduction Plant Materials Handling - handled contract management and renegotiation from target costs to fully reimbursable (£6m to £24m final value) for Christiani and Nielsen.

Suralya Steam Power Plant, Indonesia - Procurement Control - handled all contract negotiations including drawing up Letters of Credit totalling £US 1,200 m for Montreal Engineering Co.

Chania Kimakia Thika Water Supply Scheme for Nairobi ($US 110 m) - wrote all documents and managed all processes :invitations to tender, pre-qualification, contracts, tender reports, and contract management etc for Client.