Richard Townsend-Rose is a degree qualified Chartered Engineer, with a wide variety of experience in using computers within the construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries during which interaction with the web has become a way of life.


The need to develop a "web presence", and to have this indexed so that it can be easily found, is of major importance in the twenty first century. It is one of the key tools which enables clients to find suitable people and solutions.

It also negates the need for brochures, and the delay whilst information is despatched by post or courier.

Richard has been involved not only with developing his own web sites, but also in the project management of such developments for others:

  • assisting clients with generating suitable content;
  • developing a schema so that there is a consistent look and feel about a web site, or group of web sites;
  • managing the "search engine optimization" of the site including suggestions for:
    • Names of Landing Pages,
    • Page Titles,
    • Meta data including:
      • Author,
      • Description, and
      • Keywords.

Richard uses and manages projects using the Joomla Content Management System to enable quick and easy updates and republishing. The "WAMP" development environment using the Joomla tool is one of the most powerful solutions available today. It is a realistic and free alternative to Microsoft's aging tools.

Some Recent Projects

The TDOC System - See www.TDOC.net and www.tdocplus.co.uk/tdoc_manual which demonstrate a consistent approach. The TDOC System extends to include server side processing of html forms using php, generating emails with attachments etc etc.

Richard's personal web sites promoting his consultancy services. This site which describes Richard and his partners' capabilities.

Park Davidson and Company Ltd are a firm who are wholesalers of Ladies Clothing, who also manufacture their own label Rothmar, as well as making outfits for choirs. See www.ParkDavidson.co.uk.