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Richard Townsend-Rose is a degree qualified Chartered Engineer, with a wide variety of experience in using computers within the construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries, much of it acquired during the early years of pc's.


Richard's first major IT task at Lithgows was to manage the development of a document control software package for use on oil rig fabrication sites when he was with the Lithgow Electrical Group. It failed dismally. It was later rewritten using dBaseIII+, Version 1.1 which later became the original "TDOC". Many years later, after three major rewrites, and increasing numbers if users, it has turned into a major product. The first sale of The TDOC System was to Amerada Hess in 1990.

The second project was to implement a pc based accounting system for the group moving from a variety of mechanical and hand written Kalamazoo card systems. The Pegasus Accounting system was adopted in 1984. The equivalent software today is Pegasus Capital Gold, which is still widely used.

The third project, for the Lithgow Electrical Group's electronics manufacturing division was to develop a means of tracking manufacturing progress and performance having regard to the quality of product - aiming for the goal of "zero defect", which was attained within a year.

TDOC - A Never Ending Project

The TDOC System was a total rewrite of the system developed for the Lithgow Electrical Group's electrical design office. It was written in the late eighties using the Clipper 5 language. Since then it has been rewritten a number of times using CA Visual Objects, a powerful rapid application development and object orientated language. Version 5 is current, and extends to include server side processing of generated html forms using php, document distribution by both email and ftp as appropriate using the latest technologies available.