Richard is a degree qualified Chartered Engineer, with a wide variety of experience in the construction engineering manufacturing software & electronics industries acquired whilst holding a range of positions. As a consequence, he can assist in defining quality systems to meet the most onerous of standards including: BS 5882 (Nuclear) and ISO 9001. From his power station days, he is also familiar with many international standards, including Canada's CS Z299.

Experts in Document Management, the company has undertaken some fifty assignments in the last ten years for small and large company's alike covering a diverse range of trades. None of the companies he has assisted in applying for assessment to ISO 9001 [previously BS 5750] has yet failed in their endeavour.

Richard also has substantial experience with the NATO Defence Quality Standards AQAP and the DefStan 05/90 series in the design marine and electrical sectors.


Richard was listed by the Department of Trade and Industry as a consultant under their Support for Quality Initiative. [Registration No 2165.01], and under the Managment Technology Training Grant Scheme (MTTG) operated by Strathclyde Regional Council funded by the EEC. He was also registered with the Expert Help scheme run by Enterprise Services Scotland Ltd, and the MTTG scheme with various Local Enterprise Companies.

He specialises in introducing quality systems into companies with from 10 to 200 employees in the engineering, electrical, electronic, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail industries as well as the building, construction, and marine industries whether they be operating as contractors, manufacturers, or consultants including architects, consulting engineers, and quantity surveyors.

Particularly familiar with the problems associated with quality management in design including software, services, products, and structures in CAD and CAM environments.

Expert in utilising computers in document management systems. Expert in data gathering for statistical analysis for continuing vendor assessment, fault and labour performance analysis.

Capable of creating systems supporting Total Quality Management as a tool for reducing costs for a realistic effort. Able to integrate quality systems to other management systems such as accounting, job costing, manufacturing, stock control, etc.

As he is generally "technically" minded, adherence to the requirements of ISO14000 - the environmental standard can be provided for at the same time.